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Reliable connector can provide protection for EPS to work well.

2016-09-26 22:35:02 Source:admin Editor:

EPS is designed to provide two-way backup power solution for first class load .It applies to fire control、electricity、metallurgy、petroleum and automatic control area ,providing safe and reliable power protection.

The inverter technology of EPS, controlled by CPU, digital circuits, highly integrated electronic components to produce the high-tech environmentally friendly products , by the inverter charger, auxiliary power supply , rectifier chargers , batteries, controller and other components , providing primary school and high school important load, also important for electrical equipment and fire-fighting facilities. EPS maintenance simple, unattended, can fire linkage, automatic operation can also be achieved remotely or building intelligent monitoring and whose start time 0.1S, significantly less than the diesel generator set start time, total investment and diesel generator sets are similar.

EPS emergency power generally works: when the mains input is normal, normally open relay contacts closed, electricity through the battery charger intelligent charging . Mains interrupt or exception , the controller starts the inverter or converter , while controlling the relay normally open contact closure , the battery through the converter or inverter DC to AC conversion supplied to the load . The machine adopts SPWM inverter IGBT devices and technologies and advanced intelligent CPU control , simple structure , reliable performance, output sine wave frequency stabilization , auto-switching , fire linkage , mainly for evacuation lighting , emergency lighting and water pumps , fans and so on. The company provides centralized power supply emergency power supply , installation can be divided into mount , flush-mounted and floor-standing , response time is generally 90 minutes.

We need to consider a lot of problems whlie using diesel generators. For example, we need to consider a range of issues in the design of diesel generator room, such as: the size of the diesel generator room , inlet air vents and flues, crew transport channel , another environmental company ask for specialized environmentally friendly diesel generator room design to meet the requirements of noise and emissions from the flue gas. Due to the presence of diesel generator sets , it is necessary to CO2 gas fire extinguishing system in fire protection design. Therefore, we need to repeatedly coordination necessary to consider the architectural beauty in designing diesel generator sets, but also to meet the requirements to run diesel generators.

There are many kinds of of EPS, according to the input can be divided into single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V; press output can be divided into single-phase , three-phase and single -phase mixed output ; installed in the form of floor , wall and in-wall type three ; capacity of all levels from 0.5KW to 800KW ; customer can divided them into two kinds of dynamic loads and emergency lighting ; their spare time are generally 90-120 minutes , any special requirements can be configured according to the design requirements of standby time.

The engineer of professional lighting connector agent First Green Trading Ltd., Mr. Chen said, this connector has all kinds of functions including cutting protection、under-voltage protection、short-circuit protection、over-temperature protection、fault alarm, it also has strong anti-interference. Mr. Chen also mentioned EPS is automatic transfer switch and invert output by controller and invert signal, so power connector plays an important role here. Mr. Chen remind of us we should choose good quality connector to avoid unexpected loss due to poor contact and short circuit of equipment.